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Committee Work

In Committee

While it is in the Senate Chamber that the fate of legislation is decided, it is in committee where most of the leg work is done. At the close of the 42nd Parliament, there were 17 Standing Committees, 2 special committees and 4 sub committees, each one playing its own important role.


No bill becomes law until it is deeply vetted by the appropriate committee.  Witnesses are invited to provide relevant advice and opinions on a particular bill based on their expertise.  This work ensures that sober second thought is done in a transparent, focused and meaningful way. Thus far, I have met many incredible professionals from the public and private sectors.


I have spent the majority of my time since my appointment as a permanent member of the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance, and the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology. You can learn more about the work of these committees by clicking on the Committee Photos below. 

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